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I was asked to be a ‘rustic’ model the other day. I am not a rocking chair or a hedge.
Summer is dying.
There are a handful of people in everyone’s lives outside of their family and closest friends that when confronted with the idea of them no longer being around, it just seems totally impossible. Robin Williams is one of those people for me. He’s just always been there.
I remember when I would watch Mrs Doubtfire and laugh so hard that my sides hurt and tears streamed down my face. Or Good Morning Vietnam, one of the few films (and things in general) that me and my dad both enjoyed and could watch together over and over. He brought me many years of genuine joy and I didn’t even know the man. Thanks Robin. You did good.
Hallo there Lady Moneypennings. I am a Jim Bondage. Can I have a martin shakey shakey not so much stirred?
Hello Jessie Andrews. No Jessie Andrews, I can’t go on a date with you Jessie Andrews. I’m too busy worshipping the secret shrine inside my wardrobe that I built in your honour Jessie Andrews.
Pssssst. Hey. Down here.
I really do love a plump hairy pussy.
It’s two days later and I’m still finding glitter literally everywhere. I feel like a stripper…
Gwendoline Christie could beat my head in with a rock repeatedly and brutally until I fall off a cliff into a ravine and I wouldn’t even mind.